Social Media: Its Own Corporate Department?

The social media team can find themselves within Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service. Or, he or she may exist as their own department.

So what is really the best choice? No one knows.

There are convincing arguments for Public Relations or Marketing. 

But you still won’t be too convinced. Is it an ambitious sales force or a self-medicating talking head?

Well why not both?

It is my opinion that the social media team should exist as its own department cross-checked and brought into discussions by PR and Marketing.

Social media specializes in its own venue. Do not try and pigeon-hole it into another department for you may water it down, especially if it’s a relatively new part of your company.Image

While you can certainly see a bit of a management/coordination effort here, that should NOT scare you off from maximizing it as a golden tool for eCommerce, messaging, branding, promotions, or whatsoever things.

Social Media is a company content hub. It needs to grab from all sources and play equal with all the others. It needs to thrive on the ability to be a chameleon and be a part of another department.

It needs to deeply integrate itself within your company. Let it grow from within, and after 6 months, if you still think it needs to be a part of another wing, then have the discussion again.

What do you all think? Do you see social media the same way or as one or another?