NBC and Twitter: Olympian Mistakes

When Twitter and NBC announced their partnership for the Olympics, my eyebrows became more than raised. I kept thinking of that Family Guy sketch of the “Diane Show” where the woman’s partner keeps peeling back layers, revealing she’s not a woman but a horse, then not a horse but a broom.


That’s what we’ve seen with NBC and Twitter… layers and layers, revealing more than what’s really there. NBC is rolling in an impressive, more-than-expected amount of dollars. If the money keeps coming in, what do they care? And people are tuning in more than ever anyway.

I’ve compiled a list of their latest issues below. Not to give bad press, but to enlighten us all.

1) Twitter Crashes #TwitterFail

2) Twitter Suspends Journalist’s Account, Then Restores it

3) What Olympians are Saying… Unfortunately.