Big Brother is Watching – So Stare Right Back!

This article on how law enforcement agencies are using social media to fight crime got me thinking – we are being watched! It tells us just how fine that bureaucratic comb is:

Social Media Analytics in Law Enforcement – Technology – POLICE Magazine.

So we know that B2B and B2B strategies have been empowering the world of commerce since the early millennium. It is not always that interesting either. I’ve certainly had my share in promoting the silliest if not most eccentric of campaigns for products/events/services.

But yes, a variety of law enforcement agencies, emergency management agencies, and other government agencies and non-profits are strategically (and quite meaningfully) understanding and implementing social media strategy. Finally, these are some people worth following who will not post about their not-so-exciting breakfast, latest pair of headphones, or sad, racist grandmother.

Of-course, President @BarackObama largely popularized this notion as perhaps the most infamous government employee to use Twitter. Emily Rahimi of Fire Department of New York was quite the superhero when Sandy hit NYC. And as always, the American Red Cross (@RedCross) is enormously helpful for those who need aid during critical times.

These are just examples – make sure you spend time in selecting who to follow. Check into local police departments (LAPDhq), state emergency management associations (CalEMA), or even that helpful non-profit (@ShakeOut)!

Photo taken from the article, “Government Interest and Archiving Twitter”, on the Iterasi blog