Things That Move Are Cool

The movies fascinate us – how we can take what our eyes see and replicate or modify it is a relatively recent invention in human history. Photos, paintings, sculptures, and etchings can be beautiful, but static. And overall, our eyes will naturally follow anything that moves than what does not.

Movie = slang for “moving picture.”

So, What Does This Mean?

  1. You need to pick more content that moves to tell your stories.
  2. If it doesn’t move, it really better be meaningful.
  3. Get a good camera and learn a bit about editing.

Facebook Tips:

Upload original video and stop posting YouTube, Vimeo, or Vevo links. The algorithm and its ugly head hate anything but original video.

Try out Facebook Live – it’s like Periscope, but with an audience of people who matter more to you.

Twitter Tips

You can tweet a video of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. (It was only 30 seconds last year, and it had to come from your mobile device = lame.)

And, you can record a video of up to the same length. Get the deets.

You can also broadcast live with Twitter’s Periscope.

And animated GIFs are oh so trendy that Twitter now supports big-ass versions.

(Vine stills sucks, in my opinion – that user base, the stars, and the execs are all heading for higher ground).



Instagram Tips

The square ratio is annoying (who likes shooting in that?!). But you can add fun filters, game to the top of your feed (Facebook makes the dang thing, alright.), and your friends are probably more likely to passively watch it than on Facebook. Maybe?

You can also be a bit more fun than your Facebook page, probably, and your written-down strategy says so.


Holy crap – I almost forgot: you can now use Snapchat like Instagram! But you shouldn’t. You should be as raw and candid as ever. Don’t let memories suck you in.

Do use a lot of emoticons, STICKERSSS and drawings.

To reach a millennial, be a millennial?





What do YOU think?

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